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Dearest Diary,

It has been only one day since I’ve last written in you but it feels like a century passed, don’t you think? Kidding, you’re a diary, you can’t perceive time!

The big news is that I’m finally in Dublin! When I arrived at the airport, I immediately saw him: the leprechaun. Well, he wasn’t really an old short ginger man in a green suit, but a ginger boy my age wearing a green T-shirt. He was very approachable, as if he was waiting for me. “Hello, I am Saira Chana! I’m glad to see you” I said.

 “Me too! My name’s Vicky O'Malley. Your name’s so cool! Where are you from?”

“Thanks! I’m from India.”

“Wow, that’s, like, very far away, isn’t it? But that doesn’t really matter, I feel like we’ll become good friends in no time.”

“I feel so too.”

Vicky is a very funny guy. He likes talking a lot and this is good because I like listening. He makes a lot of jokes and knows a lot of tongue-twisters (I wish to wash my Irish wristwatch) that sound very funny because of his Irish accent. Sometimes I can’t understand what he says, but I got used to his way of speaking. I also promised him I will learn some Irish!

I told Vicky about the mystery letter and he said he’s got something similar. We searched for the next clue in the airport, but we found nothing so we gave up.

I went to his home in Dublin. I’m staying in a very cute room that reminds me of my homeland. It has flower decorations, animal plushies and even some plants for me to take care of! The bed is very comfortable and there is enough space for me to store my clothes. Not to mention that it smells like incense sticks! Being homesick is not so much of a problem now.

Vicky’s parents are very nice people. He told me his mother is the best cook Dublin has ever seen. That’s why he insisted we should eat her infamous Barmbrack. I haven’t heard about it before, but now I know that it is a type of fortune-telling raisin cake! (…recipe? - research Becky Irlanda)

My biggest surprise was when I bit into the cake and my teeth met with a solid capsule. There I found a silly snake keychain. Vicky and I were very surprised.

“How odd! I thought there were no snakes in Ireland!” Vicky’s mom said.

Me and my new friend looked at each other and didn’t say a thing. We both knew that the snake was our clue. But what could it mean?

I’m still thinking of where we should head next, but I’m sooo tired my hands can barely write anything. I’m going to worry about the clue tomorrow, now it’s time to go to bed! Sleep tight, my diary!

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