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Not-so-dear-anymore diary,

I’m devastated! I’m furious! Why is this happening to me? Can you imagine what I’m feeling right now? Of course you can’t! You’re a diary, you can’t possibly emphasize with me!

I think I need to explain myself first. Vicky and I managed to resolve the crossword and the words are the following: leprechaun, west, seafood, druid, tome, Shaw and jig. We had to make sense of these words and I asked Vicky to lead me to the closest library. (INSERT CROSSWORD)

We thought we could find the next clue at the library in Trinity College. I learned my lesson from yesterday and I took my time to properly visit the place first. I saw the famous Annals of the Four Masters and the Book of Kells. Irish and Indian history are so rich, wonderful, and although they may seem very different, they share a great feature: their independence! Also, the library is very beautiful and fascinating. I didn’t want to leave that place, it gave me a warm impression.

The bad thing is that we found nothing at Trinity College that could help us. The ancient books were written in Irish, plus the encyclopedias and the dusty dictionaries were of no use. Even the librarians weren’t of good help.

I got mad at Vicky because he couldn’t see the problem. He kept saying things like ‘It’s not like we have to find the clue today’ or ‘Don’t take this so seriously’. Really?! And I thought we were friends!

I am so mad! I don’t even feel like writing anymore...I think I need a break.

No! What am I saying?! I QUIT! I’m done with these clues, this `trustworthy` trickster and - more importantly - this diary! I was so naive to believe that letter I got in India!

It’s time we say goodbye, my diary! See you NEVER!

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